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Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels
Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels
Product Code : TGI
Brand Name : ISOTECH
Product Description



  • Sturdy construction
  • Power efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Impeccable performance

Specification :

It allows direct operation of all functions without linked connections and prevents wrong operations without tangled interlocks: no presence of kinematics devices replaced by a sequence operations that cleverly interact with the operator determine a no limits operator’s safety. It is simple and in conformity with all functional and safety aspects. Sequence operations that we, and prestigious Energy Utilities, consider not be eliminated has been respected:

  • Open circuit-breaker
  • Open isolator
  • Connect to earth - Close the earthing switch.

This sequence has realized by TGI with an innovative method, with a single device, in safety way.
Direct position signaling indicators concerning all functions give reliable information.
Rigid structure gives to TGI a natural endurance against internal arc faults.
Maintenance-free and exceptional long life allow costs cut.
In on-load position, isolator’s poles are vertical, when poles are at off-load position isolator's poles are horizontal.

These positions are clearly visible from panel front. n's safety that gives back operator’s quiet and safety. It’s compact and light notwithstanding vacuum breaking combined with air isolation to satisfy at the same time: innovative technological requirements, environment’s respect and operator’s safety. Isolation’s distances are visible evidently : TGI re-proposes visible isolation

Unlimited Applications :

Our environment is in continuous evolution and it causes a requirements change. TGI offers single design to all multi functional elements requested in industrial applications and distribution. Our design is adaptable to all type of metallic structures. Organic design of TGI simplify all device’s operations. It’s possible to have remote control with all function’s indications; in details: Open-Close circuit-breaker, Open-Close isolator, that in position Open (isolated) makes the earthed segregation (separation) between bus-bars compartment and cable box, are available and reliable also with them to notarization. Possibility of easy access with total security to all components it’s an advantage. An efficient use of space and easy installation are granted even in those cases with limited space, due to possibility of lateral entry.

Designed with the intent satisfy quality and reliability increasing requests of electricity supplying. Number of connections and isolating supports of power circuit has been considerably reduced decrease further fault's probability.
  • Excellent reliability and accessibility of all components optimizes utilization, with corresponding maintenance's reduction.
  • Lateral incoming for the connections allows a joint in-line between bus bars and cables.
  • This principle applied from more than 30 years on secondary distribution switchgear up t36 kV and it’s experience field’s result obtained from major manufacturers and from installation of millions of panels
  • TGI integrates all main functions of removable circuit-breaker - isolator, assuring exceptional accessibility.
  • In case of internal faults gas generated by the arc fault is canalized through single duct on back side of panel.

The TIPR unit carries out the following functions:

  • TIPR-LSI: over current protection (code ANSI 50-51), two- phase or three-phase according to whether it is connected to two or three current sensors;
  • TIPR - LSIG: over current protection (code ANSI 50-51) plus earth fault protection (code ANSI 51N) (by means of vectorial summation inside the three phase sensors or by means of an external earth fault toroid and two or three current sensors).


TIPR protection device

Apart from supplying the current signal, the current sensors also provide the energy required for operation of the unit. The unit is self-supplied and its correct operation is guaranteed in the presence of a current higher than or equal to 20% of the rated value on at least one of the phases fitted with current sensors (0,2 x In).
Microprocessor-based digital technology is used in its construction. The unit causes the circuit-breaker, in which it is integrated, to open, by means of an opening solenoid which acts directly on the operating mechanism of the apparatus.